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Wills and Estates in Hamilton

Wills and Estates in Hamilton


Planning for Your Family's Future

Our lawyers can assist you with creating a Will or Estate Plan that thoroughly provides for the future of your family and effectively protects your interests. Beginning to plan for your will today can help to protect both you and your family down the line, as our legal team can advise you as to your best options. Our knowledgeable lawyers at Yachetti Lanza & Associates help to alleviate the stress of a loved one's passing, and will help you to thoughtfully predetermine what will happen to your estate in the event of your own death.

Our firm can assist you with common elements of drawing up a Will and Estate Planning, including:

  • Living wills and trusts
  • Changing or altering an existing will
  • Determining what parts of your estate to include in a will
  • Other general will and estate planning elements
  • Explaining the probate process
  • Anticipating potential tax situations
  • Asset protection
  • The details of determining power of lawyer
  • Outlining the differences between a will and a trust

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